Welcome to Aow Leuk 2 - close to Paradise

The Restaurant

open from 7 am till 10 pm. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner from the menu Just take a cocktail or a snack, the Team is ready to serve you



If you booked online the breakfast is included. Maximum 200 baht each person

For online booking are the Bungalows 4 to 9, 1-3 is for walking in guests

Bungalow 4-7: 1750 Baht perfect Sea View

Bungalow 8A,8B,9:   1600 Baht brand new 

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FAQs about Aow Leuk 2:


Do you have a pick up service?

- I am sorry, we are a family runned business and i cant leave the restaurant alone to pick you up. Just ask some of the Taxi Driver to bring you to Aow Leuk 2.


Do i have to pay in advance?

- No i trust you and you pay when you arrived, but please inform me if you are late or you not come. Thank you


Are there mosquitos?

It depends which time in the year, but normally its not a big problem, because there is always a small wind at the bungalow and at the restaurant. The Bungalows are equipped wiht some mosquito nets


How many people for one Bungalow?

The Bungalows are for 2 people. I can put an additional matrace in, but i ask for 300 Baht a nigbht for the extra bed.


How i can come to Mae Haad?

I can give you a lift for free normally in the morning, just ask me in the morning or the day before which time i go to Mae Haad and i can take you.


Is it easy to find you?Yes, when you arrived at the parking place after 17.00 please use my private street to the Restaurant, because the beach is closed for unregistered Visitors. When you checked in, you can use the private Beach.

 Bungalow 4,5,6,7 is 1750 Baht incl. Breakfast


Bungalow 8A,8B, and 9 are

1600 Baht incl Breakfast, very big terrace and brandnew


all with "european Toilets"


if you Need one more mattrace ist 300 baht each night extra



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